Meet James

Direct from the pages of the New Testament comes a message both clear and strong.  Written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit almost two thousand years ago, this message is as current as today’s newspaper.

This dramatization of James brings the letter to life! Experience the power and passion that comes through the dramatic presentation of this letter, from the Apostle James.

Alvin Price, of Louisville, Kentucky has presented this drama well over a hundred times to Churches, Bible Studies and Retreats.  The message does not grow old, even for him.

The drama is performed entirely in the first person and in character.  Even during the prologue in which James, the brother of Jesus Christ, is introduced, Alvin never escapes his first person characterization.  For many, he almost becomes that James who penned those words in the first century AD.  With emotion and conviction he enacts a word-for-word retelling of the entire book of James.

Come and enjoy ‘A half-hour with James’ and leave with a better grasp of the core message of this short letter.

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